This poem was inspired by my children.


The artist’s eye
            --seeing the unseen
Dip. Stroke.
Turning on the
            Light bending a brush with 1,000 colours—
            to a cataract world.
Gray-scale becomes
azure, magenta, chartreuse.

The artist’s ear
            --hearing the still, small Voice
Weave. Blot.
A single ink dot meaningless,
            but corporately—masterfully
            fortissimo to a deafened world.
Muffled becomes
pure yellow, blue, red.

The artist’s touch
            --molding the Supra-dimensional
Fire. Bisque. Fire.
A lump spinning on a wheel,
            driven emotion takes form through
            unique fingerprints—controlled strength.
Dull clod becomes
smooth, lustrous, unblemished.

The artist
breathes life into the medium
and takes your breath away.

Written by Connie Inglis, 2009.
The following is my poem, painted by my daughter Kendra:


In 2009 my Dad turned 80. We honoured him with a binder full of memories from each member of the family. Included in my memory page was the following poem I wrote for him:


past to future history,
bequeathing immortality.
There you stand.

unique in solidarity,
imparting your integrity.
Here we stand.

sequential faith has set me free,
shattering mediocrity.
Here I stand.

Posted Oct. 15,2013


I wrote this poem in 2005 as a tribute to my mother. As in the above poem to my Dad, it's a reminder that life is cyclical--that the things I learned from my mother since birth are lessons that have become engrained in me and are part of my worldview, my values and my choices as an adult. I am thankful for parents who exemplified so many good, positive qualities.  


When I entered this world
            In traumatic uncertainty,
Your loving arms,
            They held me.
Uncertainty assured.

When I ran to you with skinned knee
            In painful agony,
Your loving hands
            They comforted me.
Agony assuaged.

When I questioned my faith
            And perfect eternity,
Your life, the example
            Testified to me.
Eternity envisioned.

When I set my course
            Standing independently,
Your trusting smile
            Encouraged me.
Independence embraced.

When I entered motherhood
            Harboring insecurity,
Your wise words
            Gave strength to me.
Security encircled.


Why Do I Have to Be? 

(I wrote this song in December 2007. At the time I was living in Chiang Mai, Thailand with my husband Doug, and our son, James. That Christmas neither of our girls could fly out to Thailand for Christmas so we had Christmas, just the 3 of us. It was the first time we were not all together for Christmas and it was hard on me. So, I wrote a song. I know, Christmas songs are supposed to be happy. Read to the end. It does end in expressing my joy in the love we share for each other in our family, something that doesn't change no matter how many miles separate us.)

Christmas time and we're apart,
The weather's warm but not my heart.
For those I love are miles and miles away,
The sun, the sky, they only fade to gray.
And I am--
missing you.

Christmas time, December brings,
Children laugh, rememberings,
But children are now half a world away,
And half my heart it does not want to stay,
And I am--missing you.

Breezes passing by
No hint of snowflakes in the sky
Joy, yet sadness,
why oh why
do I have to be--missing you.

Christmas time, the house adorned,
But this house, is it my home?
For those I love are gone and gone to stay,
But there is joy in knowing love that way,
And this love--I know it will not stray,
So, it's good to be missing you;
So there's joy in--
missing you.


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