Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Purple Room (OctPoWriMo Day 8)

In my parent's house there was a purple bedroom--one of many bedrooms in a house that I helped build back in 1976. Because it had 5 bedrooms upstairs, we kids were allowed to pick a room and choose the color scheme. Mine was not purple BUT the purple room is the only one that remained the same color in all the years we lived there so it was dubbed, "the purple room." Just last month my parents moved out of this house--it was getting too big for them. Saying good-bye to "home" was emotional and I found the ever-constant purple room to be representative of years of life and love and beautiful memories. So here's to the purple room.

Ode to The Purple Room

Years of living, of
hearts broken and
loves lost and
of added
in-laws and grands
ever growing 
the purple room.

Occupants shifting, with
colors changing, 
coats of paint and
with added
laughter and tears
ever stretching
the purple room.

Family going, and
coming yet not immune to
as years turn to
sagging depreciation;
so comes the finality 
of saying 
good-bye to--
the purple room.


  1. A nice homage to childhood memories. :-)

  2. Love this, Connie. Brought tears!

  3. love the ebb and flow of contrast in this poem; brought me tears too.

    Esp. love this line...fresh coats of paint and perspective...

  4. Your poem is full of stability and continuity adding up to memories. I've moved too many times in my life!

    1. Well, this is my parents' house and it is them that are finally moving out. Not my story. I too (along with my husband and 3 kids) have lived 3 different provinces, the U.S.(4 different places), Mexico, the Philippines (3 different places, Thailand (3 different places). But it was always good to return to what I always called, "home" in the little prairie town and to this house.