Friday, October 16, 2015

The Magical Day (OctPoWriMo Day 15)

Prompt: If you could do anything you wanted to do today, what would you do? This is what I would do: Jump on my magic carpet, pick up my granddaughter and share the adventure of a lifetime. Like a dream.

The Magical Day

Come with me and fly my magic carpet
To wondrous worlds we speed from dawn to dusk,
Where warm croissants await with morning light
Under the Eiffel tower's stretching arms.

Then whoosh we're off to Venice' waterways
Surrender to the oar of gondolier,
And off again to picnic lunch and play
In the white-sand heat of Mykonos Isle.

Refreshed we fly to Rome's sistine chapel
Majestic awe and grace. We walk. We walk;
And hunger calls us to falafel stands
With spices rich and juice runs down our chins.

But one more stop to watch the fading sun
On Ayers Rock with colours rich and red,
Exhausted then, curled up on carpet ride
With you--it's still my favourite place to be.

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